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Why FoodTech

$5trillion non-cyclical growth sector
being disrupted by Industry 4.0.

Global interest in open innovation growing exponentially as industry

8 Mega Trends Creating Investment Opportunities

Large & Growing

  • 10% of global consumer spending
  • 40% of global employment
  • 60% increase in food demand to feed 9 billion people
  • 76% increase demand of livestock products
  • 3% annual growth of protein demand

Critical for a sustainable planet

  • 75% of global deforestation
  • 70% of global water consumption
  • 40% food waste
  • 30% of global energy
  • 25% of all greenhouse gases

Health & Nutrition awareness

  • Increased awareness of link between food intake and non-communicable & chronic diseases (NCDs), the dominant causes of death worldwide

  • 40% of adults are overweight or obese
  • 800 million are underweight
  • Convergence of dietary habits across the globe
  • Lack of consumer trust in the food system

The FoodTech transformation has started

  • Catalysed by new talent, business models and technology
  • Driven by the urgent need for change

  • Accelerated by population growth and consumer demand for healthy sustainable food
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