Sequoia Partners Chairman and veteran entrepreneur Rick Borenstein brings unrivalled venture capital experience to PeakBridge

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Malta, March 1st, 2019 – PeakBridge Partners today announced that veteran entrepreneur Rick Borenstein will join the firm as Venture Partner.  PeakBridge is a member of EITFood and manages Newtrition, a dedicated FoodTech venture capital fund. Mr Borenstein brings with him over 30 years of venture capital experience at the highest level. As a co-founder of Sequoia Partners, a “boutique” information technology M&A firm operating on the West Coast, he has represented over 250 software and services firms for sale over the ensuing 25 years. He is a world-renowned expert in high tech company building, Go-To- Market and growth management.

Erich Sieber and Nadav Berger, Founding Managing Partners at PeakBridge, said, “Rick’s name goes before him in the Venture Capital world. We are truly excited to add someone of Rick’s talent and experience to the PeakBridge team.”

A former president of Wells Fargo Investment Company, Mr Borenstein added he was keen to embrace the world of high-impact food technology. “Food represents 10% of global consumer spending and due to massive population growth, food consumption demand is set to skyrocket. The potential for growth is staggering and I’m excited to be part of the PeakBridge team at such a time.”

Mr Borenstein also serves as a Chairman of Sequoia Partners, Buddy Platform and Trellis. He graduated from the University of Michigan (LS&A) and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He has recently served on the Board of Trustees of National Public Radio and currently serves on the Board […]

PepsiCo Executive Ellen de Brabander to Join PeakBridge as Venture Partner and Head of Technical Due Diligence

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Malta, October 18, 2018 – PeakBridge today announced that Ellen de Brabander will join the firm as a Venture Partner and Head of Technical Due Diligence. PeakBridge is a member of EITFood and manages Newtrition, a dedicated FoodTech investment fund. Ms. de Brabander will continue to serve as a Senior Vice President of Research & Development for PepsiCo with global oversight responsibilities for the company’s key R&D governance and compliance functions.

Erich Sieber and Nadav Berger, Founding Managing Partners at PeakBridge, said, “We are delighted to have someone of Ellen’s talent and experience joining PeakBridge. Her vast knowledge will be a great asset to us as we invest in sustainable FoodTech and innovation.”

Ellen de Brabander added, “PeakBridge is at the forefront of investing in high-impact food technology. I see tremendous opportunities for growth in the sector and I am excited to be part of the PeakBridge team.”

Ellen de Brabander also serves as a Member of the Board of Governors at the New York Academy of Sciences. She was the interim CEO of EITFood from 2016 to 2018, and previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Merial (animal health division of Sanofi) and DSM. Ellen received her PhD from Leiden University and performed a Post Doc in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management in 1990.

About PeakBridge:

PeakBridge is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager and Investment Services Firm specialized in high-impact FoodTech. Founded in 2017 by two senior executives with extensive knowledge and experience in the FoodTech field, PeakBridge […]

Nadav Berger on the Future of Sustainable Food Tech & Overcoming Startup “Death Valley”

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PeakBridge Partners co-founder and FoodBytes! judge Nadav Berger, lives and breathes food innovation, so we caught up with him on the tail end of our London event to get his take on overcoming the most common food and agtech startup challenges, the trends he’s tracking and what he’s doing to help empower sustainable change-makers.

“I believe the biggest challenges come between the time a startup formalizes a winning idea and scaling the technology to support it”, says Nadav. “It’s a period I’ve tagged ‘Death Valley’, because it’s when you’re tested most and need to draw on all the support you can get, to reach the other side successfully.”


Can you tell us how PeakBridge Partners connects F&A corporates with promising startups in sustainable food innovation?

We’re a fully licensed fund manager incorporated in Malta and a unique partner for burgeoning agri food tech companies.  As a member of the EIT Food (European Institute of Innovation & Technology), we work closely with a community of like-minded food revolutionaries, sharing knowledge and ideas and empowering entrepreneurs to develop technologies that can:

  1. Transform our food ecosystem
  2. Stimulate sustainable growth and
  3. Create employment

We bring all of that, as well as decades of experience in fund management, best deal flow, due diligence practices and business development strategy to our clients, helping them find […]

The Future of Food is Now

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“Greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, deforestation,” we all hear these words flooding our newspapers and television screens, we know the impact they are having on our ecosystem and our health, but do we know the true root of these environmental disasters?

Believe it or not, the way that we have been producing food since the industrial revolution is a major cause of our environmental deterioration. Agriculture is responsible for 75% of deforestation worldwide, and is the largest contributor of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. Our food production practices have caused substantial damage to our oceans, our land and our air. It has led to significant shifts in consumption and become a major contributor to obesity, heart disease and other food related diseases.

What’s more, is that with the expected population growth of 2.7 billion by 2020 and agricultural demands that will increase by 70%, our food production practices will continue to deplete and intoxicate our natural resources

In response to these alarming insights there has been a shift in consumer behavior and demand regarding food. Concerned consumers are demanding cleaner labels, a decrease in carbon footprint, and more alternative protein options.

To this end, companies such as Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek, are developing ways to produce viable meat replacements. Research in insect protein development are being spearheaded in Europe, with companies such as Protix are not only developing alternative insect proteins for animal feed and fertilizer, however they are working within organizations such as the International Platform […]

Inauguration of EIT Food

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The inauguration of the European Institute for Innovation & Technology Food Branch is a HUGE milestone for the future of food! This type of collaboration and institutional commitment is going to see us through a more sustainable, clean and positive future. Disruption is the key to success, the key to change and the key to our survival!