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With a combined expertise in managing funds and developing companies specializing in food R&D and applications, food marketing and distribution, Peak Bridge Partners offers an exclusive opportunity to participate in the burgeoning agri|food tech industry. Peak Bridge Partners has access to best deal flow, due diligence expertise and business development strategies. By utilizing a global network propriety, providing access to top research, and connecting with network of industry leaders, we offer companies with a prolific strategy that includes a sharing agenda for both startups and corporates. With our commitment to creating a more sustainable and efficient food and agricultural system, our deep understanding of consumer demands and our wealth of resources, we plan to revolutionalize the food industry and provide the opportunity to a part of a future of our food and food chain




Erich Sieber

Erich Sieber has 16 years of experience as Partner/SVP with Nestlé’s strategic venture fund manager Inventages in portfolio & investment management, formerly at Nestlé and the World Economic Forum. He has built and led investment management teams and generated quality deal-flow, performed due-diligence, closed deals, and performed pro-active business support and exits.

Erich holds a B.A. in business, economics and law from HSG University of St Gallen, Switzerland, a tri-lingual MBA of EAP-ESCP European School of Management (Paris-Oxford-Berlin), and an L.LM. in financial law of Geneva University, Switzerland


Nadav Berger 

Third generation food entrepreneur, Nadav has actively built many companies specializing in food applications, marketing and distribution. In 2008, Nadav co-founded FoodLab, a food applications lab focused on innovation and development of our food systems. The innovative developments at FoodLab lead to founding FoodLab Capital,  a premier seed fund with a highly successful portfolio of FoodTech companies two of which are part of RisingFoodStars. Concurrently, Nadav serves  CPGs and entrepreneurs globally, sitting on the board of Doux Matok, SimpleOrder, Innovopro, and NextFerm. He is also on the advisory board of Trellis, Water IO and FreshHub and Ripples.

Nadav holds a B.A in economics and political science from Tel Aviv University and a EMBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. 



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Joseph Portelli | director 

Joseph Portelli has over thirty three years of experience as a portfolio manager and currency and commodity trader for institutions such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Liongate Capital Managment both in the U.S and Malta. Currently he is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of FMG Funds as well as the Chairman of the Malta Stock Exchange. Focusing on risk management, compliance and directorship services, Portelli sits on various boards and is a formidable voice for improving financial literacy.

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Martina Pace| analyst

Martina started her career as a project manager engineer at Procter & Gamble EMEA, before she moved into a research management role where she gained experience in managing and developing government grant funding with the Malta Council for Science and Technology.  Following this, Martina became manager at the University of Malta's knowledge transfer office and gained over five years of experience in handling intellectual property and commercialization of early stage technologies.Martina has a passion for building a commercial case around early stage technologies in various areas, from Biotech to Avionics. 

Martina completed a four-year Master's degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds, followed by a Master's in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship at the University of Malta. 




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Steven Tedesco | Investment Committee member

Steven Tedesco is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. He started his career in 1995 and served as Director, Deputy Head
and Chief Investment Officer (2000-2009) at HSBC Global Asset Management (Malta) Limited where the assets under management exceeded EUR1 billion. He also engineered and designed various capital protected investment structures eventually introducing in Malta the
concept of wrapping such structures round Medium Term Notes and engineering the first ever local, hedge fund linked, full capital protected, structure sold in Malta. Mr Tedesco now runs his own consultancy business, where he serves as non- executive director and independent investment committee member in licensed entities operating in the alternative fund and asset management industry.

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SAndro Bartoli | Director

Sandro Bartoli has over twenty years of experience as an  investment advisor and Malta Stock Exchange trader. He began his career as an advisor and trader for Globe Financial Management Limited, until he founded his own Independent Financial Advisory business in 2000, Quest Investment Services Ltd. Today, Bartoli serves as a director, MLRO, compliance officer and investment committee member for various  investment services companies and collective investment schemes.




We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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