Erich Sieber

Nadav Berger

FoodTech Venture Capitalists

We have been at the forefront of FoodTech since 2000. Erich as an executive at Nestlé and partner in Nestlé’s strategic venture funds, and Nadav as third-generation food entrepreneur and founder of FoodLab Capital. We have combined our experience and networks to create PeakBridge – the most strategic investment platform in FoodTech today.

We have brought together an exceptional team of experts from the agri-food industry, investment management and venture capital world. We have our own culinary expert and head of ESG as we are committed to investing in sustainability.

We invest first in people, and in the technologies that are disrupting FoodTech. Together, we help you bridge the gaps to reach the highest peaks.

PeakBridge specializes in FoodTech

PeakBridge is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager and Investment Services Firm specialized in FoodTech.

We provide:

For high-impact FoodTech companies:

  • Venture capital investment
  • M&A advice

For Professional Investors:

  • Alternative Investment Fund management
  • Portfolio management and/or Risk management
  • Investment management services & advice
  • Individual portfolio management

PeakBridge is licensed in the EU by the Malta Financial Securities Authority (MFSA) under AIMFD and MiFID Cat2.

PeakBridge covers the entire food value chain

  • Ag Biotechnology
  • Farm Management Software,
    Sensing & loT
  • Farm Robotics, Mechanisation
    & Equipment
  • Bioenergy & Biomaterials
  • Novel Farming Systems
  • Supply Chain Technologies
  • Ingredients
  • Agribusiness Marketplaces
  • Innovative Food & Beverage
  • Retail & Restaurant Tech
  • Smart Packaging
  • Health & Nutrition
  • eGrocery & Consumer
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Food safety & traceability

We invest in passionate entrepreneurs

  • Ambitious teams born to build their business
  • Unique technology and/or know-how
  • Successful proof-of-concept / market
  • Sharp focus
  • Scalable business models

  • Real customer value in big niche markets
  • Predefined milestones to next value inflection points
  • Specific reasons they will win over competition
  • Identified fields where we can accelerate growth

…who are building a sustainable future

  • Consumer: Address consumer needs and trends for sustainable healthy food
  • Technology: Transfer technologies from other sectors to the agri-food supply chain
  • SDG: support the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
  • Environment: help reduce anthropogenic emissions, slow climate change and cut pollution & waste
  • Social: maintain social business relationships, contribute to the community and all stakeholders
  • Governance: adhere to transparency and strict corporate governance guidelines

We offer support to create real & lasting business

  • Unparalleled network
  • Active board participation
  • Business development
  • Leading exit strategies
  • Access to all our partners
  • Syndication opportunities

“Maria wakes that all we do helps our planet”


PeakBridge adheres to the ESG Environmental, Social and Governance Framework for Private Equity as published by InvestEurope and the UN Global Compact Principles & UNPRI. We truly believe FoodTech’s ultimate goal is to have a positive impact and it has been shown that sustainable companies tend to significantly outperform their less sustainable counterparts.

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Fund Management & Investment Advice Licenses

PeakBridge is regulated in the European Union by the Malta Financial Securities Authorities (the “MFSA”) and licensed as a Category 2 in terms of the Investment Services Act. The Company qualifies as an  Alternative Investment Fund Manager  (“AIFM”) in terms of the AIFM Directive (“AFIMD”) and to provide investment management services to Professional Clients (as defined in Annex A and including collective investment schemes) in relation to Alternative Investment Funds, Transferable Securities, Money Market Instruments and Units in Collective Investment Schemes as listed in the second schedule to the Investment Services Act. PeakBridge is also licensed to act as an Investment Services Firm , in terms of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID Cat 2”), and may provide individual portfolio management as well as investment advice to Professional Clients in relation to Transferable Securities, Money Market Instruments and Units in Collective Investment Schemes as listed in the second schedule of the ISA, in terms of SLC1.04 of Part B III of the Investment Services Rules for Investment Service Providers.